Monday, August 15, 2011

August 16th: Rich One of Cre8tive Rec

Check out the video featuring our special guest Rich One, founder of Cre8tive Rec:

To get to know him better here is an interview by GuerillaOne:

Q- What do/did you write and what crews are you from?
Rich One-Nasa Crew

Q- Why graffiti? What were some of the driving influences that got you into it?
the whole hip-hop [thing]...tryin to be down with the 4 elements: B-boying, graffiti writing, emceeing, and djing. I remember it was late 85...passing by the belmont tunnel over the 1st street bridge and seeing mad pieces allover the walls. Some of the pieces i remembered were from geo, shandu, risky, etc.....some ahead of our time shit when we first saw it....very inspiring. Before that we only had books like subway art (which was our bible for catching styles).

Q- What was the time period when you were actively writing?
I say around 84 to 87 we were in our newjack stage just tryin to represent....then from 88 to 95 actively writing, bombing, and busting top to bottom burners......

Q- I believe you were based a bit down south of la; what was it like writing during that time period in that hood?

Our crew represented Cerritos, CA...all day....the city is in LA county, but for some reason we got more fame known as an OC crew? We bombed 57, 5, 22, 605, 405, 710, 110, 91 fwys in both LA and OC counties just giving the crew props...NASA throw-ups, pieces, tags, whatever we had time for.

Q- What was your single most exciting experience doing graff?
2 weeks straight of piecing and bombing for a movie was for Double, just one, and tyke did crazy damage allover the sets....[it] was fun...not to mention we got to drool over Alysa Milano too!!!!

Q- What was your single worst experience doing graff?

Getting held up at gunpoint by an undercover cop in the LI yards in new york.....worst part of it was we werent even painting...just documenting, catching flix and videotaping pieces on trains......they busted us for tresspassing and had to spend 2 days in a holding tank for nothing!!

Q- What advice do you have for youngsters getting into graffiti?

Be original, innovate, take [it] to the next level, do what you think is dope and dont worry about what everyone else thinks and finally represent the [hell] out of yourself!!

Q- Do you think graffiti is a positive stepping stone to a career in marketing, design etc? Why?

Hell yeah....graffiti is advertising, marketing and design all-in-one. Your name is your advertising, where your up is your marketing and your graff skills is i said all-in-one!! Then utilizing those skills in the industry....your already one step ahead from the regular kids that went to school to learn....youve got hands on experience!!!

Q- What are some of the projects you're working on now?

I currently am a founder/designer for 4CE Footwear and Militia Survival gear and am constantly doing artwork for my homies J.rocc, Melo-d, Babu, Rhettmatic, Beat Junkies, Visionaries crew, LMNO, En Route.....and thats about it!!!

Q- Any last words? Shout outs? like to thank everyone whose been down with me since day one (or atleast since we last met) especially my wife Jocelyn, my kids Ricci and Jordan, and my family.
Shout outs to: The Almighty Nasa Crew: YT, Just One, Chimp, Kerse, Hex / AWR crew / MSK crew.....thanks for keeping the team tight!!

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