Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bboys Enerjetik and Stix are crowd favorites at last weeks Generations Workshop

On July 2nd, we were fortunate enough to have two amazing guests come out to Generations, Luis "Enerjetik" Parra, and Dergin "Stix" Tokmak.

Tyrone Maximum, Dino Mayorga, Dergin "Stix" Tokmak, Luis "Enerjetic" Parra
If you made it out to the Maple Community Center Grand Opening, you must have noticed Fullerton's own, BBoy Luis "Enerjetik" Parra, dancing and spinning in front of a crowd by the DJ Booth. He has been one of Fullerton's shining stars in the B Boy Dance Community for many years. On July 2nd, we were lucky enough to have Enerjetik come out to join us and put on a BBoy Basics workshop. Enerjetic has been a recurring guest at the Generations events, and is always a crowd favorite. For more on Enerjetik, check our Post from July 29th to get a better picture of his background and accomplishments, but first, check out these pictures of Jetik from last week... then scroll on down to be amazed by some inspiring footage of Stix.

Another Stand-out performance last week was the amazing and inspirational Dergin "Stix" Tokmak. Dergin, who currently lives in Germany, made a special visit to hang out and dance with the crew. "Stix" is known worldwide for his amazing talent, and inspirational story. He even had a long standing spot performing with Cirque du Soleil! To see "Stix" in action is to witness some amazing talent. Dergin has turned what some would call a disability into an amazing ability and has inspired countless people all across the world. "Stix" has been quoted as saying "I want to pass on to the next generation ... so people can see that no handicap is too big or too limiting to dance. My message as an artist is to show the world that there is a creative soul in everyone with or without a handicap." Check out these links for some awesome videos of Stix in action:

and check out his solo from Cirque du Soleil here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPwMkXjT8x0.   

It was an honor to have him come out and show us what determination and dedication can do.
Thanks Stix! 

Thanks again to Luis "Enerjetik" Parra and Dergin "Stix" Tokmak for coming out to dance and share their love for dance with the community!

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