Thursday, July 12, 2012

May Salem of Native Sol brings new life to Old T-shirts. Impromptu dance session break out after art project.

The Generations Summer Workshop Series continues to grow in popularity from week to week...
There was a great turnout this week as special guest May Salem of Native Sol came out to teach simple no-sew projects. 

Prepped with only scissors and old T-shirts, the kids learned how fun recycling could be as May broke it down, teaching them step by step.  Channeling her passion for the environment and love of fashion into these simple projects, May taught the kids that with a little of their own creativity they can repurpose the old into something new and beautiful.

There was something for everyone as they turned unused clothing into wearable art, reusable bags or cool headbands. 

As the art workshop was winding down... out came the Turntables...

....Suddenly, an impromptu dance lesson started up!

Inspired by last week’s BBoy basic workshop lesson, the participants were craving more, so with a little help from Luis “Enerjetik” Parra and Dino Mayorga, they broke into a spontaneous dance lesson. 

Thanks to our reoccurring guests Enerjetik and Dino Mayorgathe participants continued to improve their growing dance skills.

Jetik never fails to amaze with his technical and fluid dancing.

 Everyone was all smiles as they showed that no matter what skill level you are, it’s always a great time to be had at the Maple Community Center. 

Thanks everyone for coming out... Get some Practice in this week... We'll see you Monday, July 16th at 3:00 for the Dance Competition!

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