Monday, July 23, 2012

Power 106's DJ Icy Ice of the World Famous Beat Junkies runs DJ workshop and provides soundtrack for Generations Dance Contest

The Generations Summer Workshops continue to gain momentum as the summer rolls along. The past few weeks, attendance has been steadily rising and more and more participants are coming out to take advantage of the awesome free programming.

 It has been said many times that "The backbone to Hip Hop is the DJ...." so it was only right that the Generations crew hosted a proper DJ workshop... And who better to lead a DJ workshop than a World Famous DJ who has been an innovator in the art for over 20 years?! Generations was fortunate enough to get DJ Icy Ice from Power 106 and The World Famous Beat Junkies to come out and provide a workshop for the youth. DJ Icy Ice and the rest of the Beat Junkies recently celebrated 20 years of making groundbreaking music. Check out this video which celebrates 20 years of the Beat Junkies. 
For the Record - Beat Junkies Since 1992

Although they were shy at first, once Icy Ice gave them the opportunity, everyone was eager to try their hand at the turntables.

One of the main attractions this summer has been the dance workshops. Participants are drawn to the program each week to see what they can learn from the strong talent that comes out. So by popular demand, we decided that the only logical thing would be to have a dance contest and invite some local talent to showcase their skills in a competitive, yet fun atmosphere. Check out the pics...

Khanrock... a little man with a big challenge.

 Top three BBoys of the day rockin some fresh gear Provided by DWNTWN 

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