Thursday, December 13, 2012

Peppa Mini Bio

Peipei Yuan, aka B-Girl Peppa the Hot Steppa is dedicated to inspiring through her art as an entertainer and teacher.

Peppa's love for the Art of Movement has led her to perform, teach, compete, and battle all over the world as well as be involved with film, TV, and internet industries. Some highlights projects include feature films "STEP UP 3D", Star Trek 2009, and "Battle B-Boy". She has choreographed and danced with artists like USHER ("SOMEBODY to LOVE" music video), Rihanna ("Princess of China" music video), Gloria Estefan( "Hotel Nacional"), and choreographed with Rino (Beat Freaks) for "TOXIC" on the Britney Femme Fatale Tour. She has also been on TV shows like Glee, Big Time Rush, and Numb3rs.Peppa enjoys directing, choreographing, managing and producing shows and videos with her company Outer Circle Crew ( and the Syrenz (

Peppa loves and supports Arts in Education, and enjoys performing at Schools and teaching kids and adults to inspire them to put their energies in to positive and healthy activities. She regularly teaches classes an workshops all over.

Peppa has an appreciation for all styles of dance from Lindy Hop/Swing, to Poppin, Lockin, Whacking, Jazz, House, and Latin Dances.Her Freestyle Dancing celebrates her love of the art of movement whether it be from the serenity of Yoga or the fluid and sharp accents in Martial arts.

Peppa desires to continue inspiring through traveling the world and through her art in the media . (


Peipei "Peppa" Yuan



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