Thursday, June 27, 2013

Off the Wall!! Vans Day at Generations

The Fullerton Generations event on Monday had a great turnout for our special guest Mike Dewit . The room was filled with ambitious young artists who's energy created ambiance that is key to any event... positivity and excitement. Mike spoke about his continuous journey leading up to a successful career as an art director for Vans. He shared a couple of stories, showed some samples of his work, and hosted a Vans custom shoe project and design contest. Anticipation filled the room as a blank wall transformed into a collection of colorful shoe design entries. All contest entries gave participants the opportunity to be fun and creative.Towards the end of our session, after competition, volunteered entires were judged and our contest winners were chosen.Top 3 designs won some amazing prizes from VANS and ALL participants got to take home a VANS bag filled with some really cool VANS product. Very RAD!

"I would like to Thank my good friend Mike for sharing his experience, talent, and generosity with us. He is a great role model and prime example of somebody who has turned their passion for art into a lifelong commitment and career. Mike took time out of his busy schedule to spend an afternoon with us, we all had a great time, and I'm truly grateful for that."

                                   -Dino Mayorga

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