Monday, March 28, 2011

DJ Episode

DJ Episode from Los Angeles, has been rocking the tables since 1993 and hasn't looked back since!

The complete package: DJ Episode is a top shelf performer with a turntablist background, his eclectic and unpredictable abilities will have you begging for more. Weaving between styles and genres, he clearly stands apart as one of the most creative and technically well-rounded DJs on the market.

With a large variety high profile clients such as LRG, S.L.A.T.E. Agenda Trade Show, ASR Trade Show, Forum, 9Five Eyewear, Skullcandy, Transworld Media, Sony, Marriott Suites etc. You can be sure that DJ Episode will continue to add more to this already astonishing list.

DJ Episode has also rocked the stage with performes such as Redman, Methodman, Common, The Wu-Tang Clan and Rahzel from the "Roots."

DJ Episode has also made special appearances with America's very own Drum n Bass king Dieselboy, recording artist Beck, DJ Swamp, Sage, Hive, UFO!, and a host of other U.S. recording artists.

While in the mist of a skateboarding revolution, DJ Episode was among the very first to bring his sound of DJing to skateboarders across the globe. Mass support from skate companies and shops such as C1rca footwear and Active Ride Shop, DJ Episode have been invited to represent his skills at countless skateboard shops and skate demos, such as Skate Jam 2000, Glenfest 2000, and Project 3, Transworld Skate Awards, Bling Fest, Boost Mobile Skate Jam etc..

From clubs to corporate, mashups to mixtapes, DJ Episode is the all-in-one party starter!

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