Thursday, March 24, 2011

Marie "Pandora" Medina

Pandora, a Native American and member of the Chickasaw tribe, is a professional dancer and multi-disciplinary artist. Pandora is focused on empowering change in the world – she strives to create insightfully illustrative performance art and visual imagery that whisks away the audience into the depths of the human soul and back again. Introspective poetry, film, and experimental music are all carefully crafted symbolic platforms for Pandora to play with. Pandora’s dance background spans over years of extensive experience, in which she has honed the geometric, angular forms seen in Tutting and the mechanical, robotic movements of Popping.

Since her humble underground dance beginnings, Pandora has earned respect and built a solid reputation over the years as a champion at various high level, international street dance battles. She has also performed principle roles at prestigious theaters in the US, Scandinavia and Europe. Pandora has evoked a standing ovation from the judges on Fox's So You Think You Can Dance and landed a breakthrough opportunity as a featured dancer in Disney’s Step Up 3D. Pandora has also been personally cast by Step Up 3D director Jon M. Chu as Autumn in the online dance series THE LXD: Legion of Extraordinary Dancers. Finally, while working as a commercial dancer, Pandora still engages with the dance community by teaching workshops, judging dance competitions, and speaking on panels at community events. Aside from her professional dance career, Pandora is a self-taught freelance front-end web designer and illustrator/graphic designer.

With a unique childhood background and roots in Underground Hip Hop and Electronic Music culture, Pandora has become a world-renowned artist who is on a mission to prove that the human spirit can indeed triumph over difficult times. Her dance and art reflects her belief that human resilience is achievable by reaching deep within oneself for real solutions, motivation and inspired creativity. Her ultimate goal is to use experimental performance art as a vehicle to share wisdom that inspires the kind of inner transformative change that is necessary for people of all cultures to access and emancipate inner strength.

Although Pandora has already seen success, she still tirelessly educates herself and explores new avenues for inspiration by using her freestyled movement on the dance floor and, most of all, the movement within her soul.

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  1. Pandora, I am a painter and middle school art teacher in Florida (formerly lived in San Francisco, and Virginia) and am currently working on a series of painting involving dance and cultural roots. My husband is Peruvian, and I have been tapping his roots as well as my own for inspiration. You can see my work on my facebook page. Just "friend request" me. --my name is Clare Radigan. I saw your tutting segment on Step Up 3, and I had to watch it again and again. I paused it and I did a drawing of you, and redrew it on canvas, although it doesn't really look like you. Nevertheless, i feel i need to ask your permission. Please contact me at your convenience. Thanks!!