Thursday, June 21, 2012

Special Guest Artist Tasha Mintzer Brings Youth Art Programs back to the community

Shortly after moving from Seattle to Huntington Beach in early 2011, Artist Tasha Mintzer noticed there was something missing from our public schools... Art! Considering the many educational and social benefits of art education (...not to mention the good ol' fun factor), Tasha decided she needed to stand up and do something to bring art back to the youth. With only the funds from her own paintings and her passion and dedication, she began to recruit help from local businesses and volunteers, and eventually started The Art Cart. The Art Cart is a non-profit organization who's main focus is to bring free, informative, hands-on art experiences to the youth, while emphasizing independence and creative thinking. We are proud to announce her involvement with the Generations Cultural Arts Program. Tasha will be leading an art session from 3:00 - 4:00pm on Monday, June 25th at the Maple Community Center. Come check out the awesome Art Cart, a motorized work of art, and join in on the fun. See you Monday!

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