Thursday, June 21, 2012

Take a Stroll Down Memory Lane..

In case you missed The Generations Urban Arts Festivals last year, or in case you just want to stroll down memory lane, check out these videos. 

Spring 2011- Which featured:  Rakaa & DJ Babu (Dialated Peoples), Jerrico & Kic, Zaire Black and JuneBugg, DJ wHat?!, DJ Episode, DJ Soluz, DJ Michelle Q, B-Boys Lil Rock & Killafornia, Artists Meex and NASA Crew and much more.

Fall 2011- Which featured: Bobo Meets Rhettmatic (Cypress Junkees), DJ Icy Ice (World Famous Beat Junkies), DJ wHat?!, DJ Soluz, DJ Michelle Q, B-Girl Peppa & The Syrenz, Tales (Killafornia/West Coast Rockers)  Artists Meex, Zerk, Richone & Dino Mayorga and much more.

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