Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Live DJ, Art Contest, and a ton of Giveaways makes DWNTWN Day a hit!

DWNTWN Clothing Company helped us end the 2012 Generations Summer Workshops with a bang by hosting DWNTWN day at the Maple Community Center.

DWNTWN's owner, Tim, was kind enough to come out to field questions about running a successful business, and give the students an opportunity to get a taste of what it is like to be involved in the clothing and logo design process.

With local favorite DJ Rey, playing tunes for everyone to enjoy... the contest was underway... 

Being given only a basic logo, and a blank T-Shirt template to work with, participants were told to design a new DWNTWN T-shirt. With only their creativity to guide them, the markers started flying as the students put their thoughts onto paper.

After all the designs were completed, it was time for winners to be chosen, and a ton of prizes to be given away. 

Using a combination of Simplicity and Creativity, three student's designs were chosen for their awesome designs which helped them stand out.

 Jonathan Ramirez from Richman Park came out on top and  took home the first place, and with it some great prizes.

We want to give a big thank you to Tim from DWNTWN and DJ Rey for coming out to run DWNTWN day and helping finish the summer strong.

Thanks Tim!

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